Popular Spring Flower Varieties

Flowers symbolize renewal and growth in spring, and it will be certainly a good time to consider sending flowers to China if you have loved ones you care about. Below is a list of the popular bulb varieties to expect in spring season:

1. Gladiolus: These produce large, ruffled flowers in many vibrant colors. The plants grow up to three to five feet tall and require full sun and daily watering to give their best.

2. Dahlia: China flower delivery services can assist you select flowers from these plants and deliver them to loved ones in China. The flowers feature bright colors and therefore best for home or office displays.

3. Calla Lily: These plants produce vivid horn-shaped blooms of various colors. If you want to send flowers to Beijing for weddings or other formal event décor, these are the best flowers to go for. You can get White, pink, and purple colors. Callas plants can grow indoors as well as outdoors but require humid conditions to survive.

4. Crocus: Also known as Dutch Crocus, these flowers bloom in March and April. Crocus means cheer or happiness. Their bulbs are cup-shaped and may be white, purple or yellow in color. There are about 80 different species from which to select.

5. Daffodil: Also called Narcissus or jonquils. For those considering sending flowers to China and want to send flowers that symbolize rebirth, you have a a variety of colors to go for including yellow, orange, pink, white, and orange-red. They may have a short, cup-like appearance, or a long and tubular shape depending on the species. These types of flowers bloom during early to late spring.

6. Freesia: These types produce fragrant, bell-shaped flowers with yellow, red or pink coloring. Best for seventh anniversaries, these flowers symbolize both friendship and innocence so you can request China flower delivery services to send them to your loved one in China.

7. Hyacinths: They bloom in March to April. These flowers are arranged in clusters on a single stem or stalk inflorescence. They also come in different colors.

8. Iris: They have orchid-like appearance and bloom in late spring, from May to the middle of June.

9. Star of Bethlehem: It is six petaled, symmetrical flowers. If you are thinking about sending China flowers, these types are considered fit for wedding and other floral arrangements. You can have them delivered on the wedding day to the person.

10. Sweet Pea: can be white, red and pink in color.

11. Tulips: They blossom around April and can be red, yellow, orange, pink and purple in color. The red ones represent love so are some of the best types to send to a lover in China.

Most of the flower types above are available online and it is possible to send them internationally to any destination around the world with a good delivery service. You can work with a China flowers delivery service to take your flowers to loved ones in China on any day, weekend or holiday.


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